That was MappFest 2018!
Another Fantastic Weekend!

A big big thank you to all the bands that played, without you guys there simply wouldn't be a Festival! And my personal thank you to my small army of helpers and volunteers, you made the whole event run like clockwork. Cheers everyone!

But you still haven't missed the opportunity to donate to the cause! Please just click the PayPal Donate button below, any amount however small goes towards making a huge difference to our charities. Every penny really does count.

Pop these dates in your diary for MappFest 2019!
Saturday June 15th (12:00-22:00)

Sunday June 16th (12:00-20:00)

And the ball keeps on rolling!
The plans for 2019 are well underway, so expect bigger, better and LOUDER!
Rock on!

Mappfest is a non‑religious, non‑political independent music based festival

Music, Sunshine, Bar, Rides and Food what more could you ask for!

In 2018 we raised £3600 for St. Richards Hospice Headway Worcestershire, Community Action and Charlotte & Craig Saving Hearts Foundation!

Photo courtesy of Dave Grubb!

See you in June!

Saturday June 15th (12:00-22:00)
Sunday June 16th (12:00-20:00)

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or pop over to YouTube and visit The MappFest Channel, Julie-Anne's Channel or the WM Video Channel to see the bands in action!


Application forms

MappFest just wouldn't exist without the kindness and generosity of all of our fantastic Bands, Sponsors and Stallholders plus the seemingly inexhaustible energy of our Volunteers!

Like to take part?

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Band applications close at midnight on Sunday, 23 December so please ensure your form is submitted ASAP!

Band applications for 2019 are 187 and counting!

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MappFest will be video'd and photographed by our own volunteer Production Crew for festival promotional purposes, please indicate if you are in agreement for your performance to be recorded:


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We understand this is a non-profit making festival with monies raised being distributed to the nominated Charities. Therefore, as always, we understand no fees or expenses will be paid.

We understand that our performance will be our donation to the chosen Charities.

All details supplied are for the soul use of MappFest and will never be passed on to Third Parties.

Under special circumstances you may be asked to make an announcement/interupt your performance, such as a missing/found child, donations request, etc. The exact method as to how this will be relayed to you will be advised nearer the event.

*A concise agreement will be supplied if/when you are selected to play at the festival for your acceptance.


Volunteer applications for 2019 are 10 and counting!

Would you like to get involved? This may involve attending committee meetings (normally at a local tavern), drinking variable quantites of alcohol (if you choose/are of age) and consuming sandwiches/pizza and the occasional cake!

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The festival can only take place with the help of volunteers like you. We are a really friendly team, no one will be asked to do anything that they are not happy with. The aim is to raise money for charity while having fun!

We also have a Young Volunteer group for the under 21's, but unfortunately you must be 16 and over to take part (this is due to Health & Safety regulations)


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IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE: due to the venue's location, water/electricty are NOT provided!

Band applications close at midnight on Sunday, 23 December.
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