MappFest 2016
The Commitee!

Mappfest Meeting 2016
Venue: Priors Croft, Great Malvern, Tuesday 12th January 2016

Chairman: Andy Mapp
Treasurer: Tim Billingham
Secretary: Julie-Anne Goode (Acting on Behalf of Louise Davies)
In Attendance: Lisa Nash, Steve Lousevet, Marsha Parkins, John Jones, Carl Sharpe, Terry Dennis, Carl Sampson, Gary Lewis (Rev Memphis), Craig Tinton, Tone Tanner, Will Apps, Steve East.
Absence: Apologies from Justine Clayton and Louise Davies and Sonny Brewer.

1.Review of previous Minutes.

Unfortunately, no minutes from last meeting were available due to Andy’s printer being out of order.

Andy thanked Julie-Anne for stepping in last month for him and also for covering for Louise tonight taking the minutes of the meeting.

2. Statement of Accounts.

We are still awaiting for a bank account to be opened as photo identification is required but this is going to be sorted out soon.

Incoming accounts:
From Marsha Parkin’s for her print sales £145.00
From Ladies Pub Crawl buckets alone £352.47
From Zoe Phillips for sponsorship and pamper day £170.00
Mappy Christmas Buckets/Raffle £561.73

Outgoing accounts:
Payment for Licence £21.00
Malvern Hills Road Closure £30.00
Yellow High Viz fencing for common 50m Roll £23.84
Balance of the Account at present is £1154.36
Including 20% from Bar donated by Jon at Priors. £220.00

There is still outstanding sponsorship money to come in too.

It was proposed by Andy Mapp that any monies left over will be kept and held for the set up of next years Mappfest festival. It was seconded and agreed by all members of the Mappfest group.

3. Mappy Events Review of last and ideas for next Events.

After a successful ‘Mappy Christmas’ Event at Priors Croft on Monday 28th December 2015, it was discussed that we should hold another couple of evenings.

Julie-Anne Goode proposed possibly a ‘Mappy Valentine’s’ and it was agreed as a possible to have an event in February and that we would invite along Massive Head Trauma, Slack Granny and also Michael Knowles and the STD’s as the next line up for the band.

The Rev (Gary Lewis) will check with the rest of his band and also has a PA system that Steve Lousevet will possibly take charge of on the evenings.

Also discussed was the possibility of another event closer to Easter too. Both events will take place at Priors Croft again possibly on a Thursday night thanks to John.

Between the committee and all members it was discussed to offer expenses to the bands at these evening events up to a maximum of £50 per band. All was agreed by everyone as a good idea.

The events days and times will be issued in due course.

4. Festival Business and News and Ideas.

Andy has been looking around for ideas for areas where the public can sit and eat at the festival and making it more like a food festival at Mappfest and has found a company that will supply large Canvas Teepees that can hold 100 standing people or around 70 seated. The price he has been quoted for 2 Teepees, fully lit and flooring and tables and chairs, plus the labour it takes in putting both structures up is £1867.50 which is an excellent price as they usually cost over £4000.

This again was agreed by all at the meeting.

Andy has also arranged for a fairground supplier and we are also having a Helter Skelter and a Ghost Train and other items.

John from Priors Croft also made a suggestion, he has tilting racks which are used for beer that he is willing to offer on load to Mappfest and will approach Malvern Breweries to see if they will donate the beer. Last year John donated 100% of his profits to the Mappfest.

Carl Sampson is taking charge of the food and has suggested a colleague who makes Pork Roastand meals in Yorkshire puddings and will be approaching him after all the committee and members agreed this would be good. Carl will be serving his burgers again as he did last year.

Carl Sampson also suggested he knew some colleagues that would be interested in advertising via banners at the Mappfest also could be useful if we can get them for the programme too.

Insurance for the event – Forgate insurance are looking into this for us.

Closing date for Band applications will have to be submitted by date of 31st January 2016.

5. Miscellaneous

Again thanks to Sue Thompson for her fantastic Artwork for this years Mappfest Festival and will be used on the website and on subsequent posters etc.

Andy has also proposed an idea for this year’s raffle. He has been given a price of £40 to have 3000 raffle tickets printed.

We are going to look for companies to donate goods for the raffle.

Central Roofline Systems have again offered to help with a major prize.

Mappfest have been nominated an award, Carl Samspon has offered to buy tickets to go and be a representative of the Mappfest Committee which everyone agreed too.

Next meeting will be in February and they date is to be issued again in due course.

Steve Lousevet also asked when will we be registered charity. Andy Mapp said that we are at moment in the process of becoming a non profit organisation and once bank account is opened and established we will register as a charity.

Meeting ended at 8.30pm.

Thank you to all that attended and to Jon Roe for his hospitality.

Next meeting to take place at The Priors Croft, Malvern - date and time TBC.

Inaugural Meeting Minutes
Venue: Priors Croft, Malvern, 20/09/2015 at 20:00

The minutes of last Tuesdays meeting, thank you Louise Davies for doing such a superb job.

Agenda Document presented by Andy at the meeting consisted of the following points set out below:

  • Introductions
  • Short Explanation about the aims and purpose of the meeting
  • Question and answer session
  • Election of Officers and Trustees
  • Julie Anne and Zoe final Arrangements for fund raising pub crawl
  • Statement of finances
  • Any other Business
  • End of meeting


Jacci Phillips (Community action Malvern & District Charity) Louise Davies, Andy Mapp, Tim Billingham, Jon Roe, Zoe Phillips, Skye Clayton, Justine Clayton, Julie Anne Goode, Paul Seabright, Gary Lewis, Terry Dennis, Carl Sharpe, Kevin Nether, Lisa Nash, Steve Lousvet, Clive Dee.


Dave Grubb, Jez Cole, Tone Tanner, Lisa Tanner


Andy opened the meeting with a brief discussion regarding forming a temporary committee for now until January 2016 whereupon a new committee will be constructed and Mappfest gains a ‘not for profit status’

Brief Introductions were made by everyone present.

Election of Andy Mapp as Chairman, Tim Billingham as Treasurer, Louise Davies as Secretary and Paul Seabright as a trustee.

Discussion of the possibility of a yearly membership for committee members and this involving a small fee.

Julie and Zoe discussed the final agreements for the sponsored pub crawl. It is decided it will start at the Beachamp Arms Pub in the Malvern link at 7.30 at 30th October 2015. It is discussed that there is a possibility of a mini-bus made available for the night kindly provided by Community action Malvern & District Charity.

Discussion regarding photographs being needed for the name badges of those who will be carrying buckets on the night. It is agreed that there will be no more than 4 or 5 buckets carried in total and that permission has been given by all the pubs ‘ on the round’ discussion on monies raised so far.

Andy Stated there is currently £205.00 in the Mappfest account

Various discussions regarding arranging some more ‘Pamper Days’ Louise suggested it be held in her salon in Malvern.

Various discussions regarding moving the stages at next year’s Mappfest so the car park can be used for the fair ground and beer tent.

Andy stated he has been approached by Malvern Town council on ideas to promote Malvern, Andy asks for suggestions of how to spend the £3,000 investment from the council regarding this.

Andy stated the Police have only one concern regarding Mappfest 2016 and that is the parking in Graham road. Jacci suggested that her charity could help with a shuttle service to ease the traffic coming to and from Mappfest.

Jon Roe suggested a Headline act for Mappfest 2016 as he knows the bass player of ub40. Jon also kindly offers 25% of his takings when the possibility of ‘Mappy Christmas’ event is discussed.

Julie suggested that a gig guide could be produced with sponsors paying a fee to advertise their business within it. This is agreed to be a good idea by all.

May I take this opportunity to thank all those who attended this meeting and Jon Roe at Priors Croft for providing sandwiches for us all.

Minutes taken and written up Louise Davies

Regards, Louise.

Next meeting to take place on 28th November 2015 at The Priors Croft , Malvern at 19.30.